Adult Clinic

Difficulty hearing, sometimes only in specific situations, can arise from sound failing to get through to the inner ear or be due to a problem of the organ of hearing. Understanding the evolution of the deafness as well as careful examination of the ears and precise hearing testing leads to accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options.

Nasal blockage, reduced sense of smell, sneezing, ‘runny nose’ and sometimes facial pain and headaches may result from structural or allergic problems in the nose. Examination with a camera inside the nose can demonstrate such problems as well as exclude the nose as the primary source of the symptoms. The sinuses are often unfairly blamed for a range of symptoms.

Hoarseness, difficulty swallowing, sensation of a ‘frog in the throat’, goitres, persistent or recurrent sore throats and lumps in the neck can often cause concern for patients. Yet in the majority of instances, listening to the story and examination, especially with a fibreoptic telescope, in combination with other investigations can either rapidly reassure the individual that the symptoms will get better or allow any necessary treatment to take place in a timely fashion.